"The future is yours, so do not give your past the power to define it”

You may feel as if you are grappling with confusion and dissatisfaction; feeling stuck, lost or unsure what to do. Counselling can help as it will allow you to make sense of what is happening and find hope. It will give you permission to make effective decisions and choices and live life with more joy
Counselling is an activity in which you choose to engage; therefore, you should not feel forced or pressurised into attending.

If you have been considering therapy, I offer an authentic environment. It's a candid, relaxed atmosphere that will help you to explore any issues you are facing. We can journey together unearthing more awareness and discover the impact your past may be having on your present. Through those concerns we can discover how you wish to establish a sense of empowerment and reclaim your life.

Getting started

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“We have such a long way to go", sighed the boy. "Yes, but look how far we've come", said the horse”

The above quote from the Charlie Mackesy’s book, ‘The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse’ reminds me that as humans we can sometimes get lost in the business of life that we lose track of what we have achieved, possibly who we are and where we are going.

Be encouraged as life was never meant to be travelled alone. If you are seeking some support and help at this time, I would love to encourage you on your journey.

I hope that when you explore my website that you will get enough of a sense of me and the way that I work, to feel safe enough to reach out and allow me to journey with you.